Passing the Baton: Data-Driven Succession Planning and the New Liaison Role

My colleague Nora Wood, business librarian extraordinaire, and I are excited to be first time attendees to the Charleston Library Conference this year. We’re looking forward to a number of great talks and exhibits, and will be presenting a poster at 6PM on Thursday, November 3rd.

Stop by and say hello! We’ll be talking various strategies for new liaisons and department coordinators alike when it comes to making a seamless transition in supporting academic units on campus. Topics to be discussed include:

  • Capturing and utilizing meaningful public service statistics
  • Developing the “soft skills”of outreach and networking
  • Timely and effective succession planning for all liaison areas

We know that it’s not possible to see everything (it’s Halloween and we wish we had Hermione’s time-turner!); below is some of the content we’ll be providing:

Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 6.01.51 PM.png

For the full poster content, click here

Have a great conference, and we hope to see you! Make sure to also catch Nora’s Lively Lunch discussion in collaboration with Melanie Griffin, Liaison Librarians in the Know: Methods for Discovering Faculty Research and Teaching Needs.


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